Recommending…Adam & Joe


For people new to Adam & Joe, it’s tough to explain the appeal of essentially two old friends chatting away, playing songs, creating home-made music, doing silly links, and recommending things to each other. But as with the Mighty Boosh, it’s the relationship between the two of them, their back and forth conversations and their sense of humour which just makes it so good.

I can’t really give a more personally heart-felt recommendation than to suggest downloading their archive of BBC 6 Music podcasts (and previously the XFM ones, which are still available and just as good) and plugging them in for the next commute. They consistently have me in stitches. It may take a few podcasts to get used to some of the regular segments and the in-jokes, but I promise it’s worth it.


Short clip from The Adam & Joe TV show in the 90s

Link to the Adam & Joe Show radio podcast on itunes (this only has the last few years of podcasts)

This site seems to have the full archive of radio shows


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