Recommending…The Trip


With the news The Trip is coming back for a third series, it’s worth recommending the first two series to anyone that hasn’t seen them.

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are both brilliant as the two main characters, playing what are essentially exaggerated versions of themselves, under the premise they’ve been asked by the BBC to go on the road to film a travel documentary. Like all those years ago when first watching The Office, you can’t help wondering whether the show is scripted or what is just the two comedians let loose to improvise, riff off each other and have a bit of competitive one-upmanship in the process. What’s clear though is that Brydon and Coogan natural chemistry and skills as impressionists mean it doesn’t really matter. When the two of them are left to sit around chatting to each other in various hotels and restaurants around the country, what you end up with is a load of laugh-out-loud moments and many quotable lines (“Gentlemen to Bed! For we rise at Daybreak).

While the show is mainly comical, it’s also finishes up as quite a moving tale of two middle-aged men coming to terms with their age and position in life, which serves as a nice contrast and gives the show some depth.

The Trip 2, written after the success of the first series, basically takes the same premise and repeats the formula in Italy rather than the UK. It’s still good, but without the freshness or as many good lines as the original. Looking forward to seeing whether there are enough new ideas in the The Trip 3 to carry a third series.



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