Recommending…The Adam Buxton Podcast


Dr Buckles is back! After 3 or 4 months away, the grand-daddy of British podcasting has returned with his weekly ramble-chats.

I’ve written before about my love for Mr Buxton; his presenting style makes his podcast feel like you’re catching up with an old friend, and mixed in with his slightly nutty humour, it’s clearly a recipe that works for enough people as he regularly sits up there with the most downloaded podcasts on itunes.

Each episode is setup as an interview with a guest – a writer, comedian, musician, presenter, or whoever – but in reality the conversations ebb and flow like a friendly chat with a next door neighbour, discussing any topic that comes to his or his guests’ mind. I’m not sure why this free flowing premise hasn’t been tried before, but maybe only someone like Adam could make it work.

His podcast with actor Bill Hader was also the inspiration for me getting off my arse and doing some writing (listen from 50 mins into the show, when they’re talking about the joy of sharing recommendations with each other), so there’s also that, which is nice.


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