Recommendations in brief…April


Check out Korean masterpiece The Handmaiden, a seductive, thrilling, beautiful film with about 30 plot twists and enough lesbian sex to keep anyone interested. Watching it reminded me, I must watch Old Boy, director Chan-wook Park’s most famous previous film. Looking at the trailer for Old Boy, it looks very similar to The RaidThe Raid 2, which are two of the most incredible, epically charged, high-intensity kung-fu films I have ever seen. I’m not usually one for pointless film violence, but there’s something so video-game fun about them, you can sit back and enjoy the choreography with some popcorn. They were directed by a Welsh guy as well. So there we go.

S-Town, the podcast from the makers of This American Life and Serial deserved all its many plaudits this year. The poignant tale of one man and his struggles with life, his home and his country, all wrapped up in a story which gently evolves over time, in a home-made slow discovery sort of a way, ends up being about as relevant a tale of this period in American history as anything you’re likely to hear.




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