Recommendations in brief…June


Something tells me Baby Driver, Edgar Wright’s new film, is going to end up being ma-hu-sive. Check out this video to learn a bit more about what makes him so talented. I hear this film in particular has been a labour of love for Wright, and his first opportunity to fully take control over the writing and directing of a film just for himself. It should be a cracker.

On the flip side I recommend steering well clear of My Cousin Rachel. It tries to rely on intrigue and suspense to keep you interested, but the plot just doesn’t back it up. It ends up just being a bit dull. Irrelevantly, it also happened to be the first time I’d ever been the only one in a cinema screening. I felt a bit sorry for the staff who had to spend their night putting on a film just for me, and I wondered whether to tell them to switch it off and we could try again a different night. But in the end, the girl at the door looked used to it.

If you’re on Netflix, take a look at OKJA, a Korean-American adventure film co-written by Jon Ronson. Jon Ronson used to present the odd This American Life episode, and his bizarre, whimsical manner used to really grate on me. But I’ve since read a lot of his stuff (he wrote The Men Who Stare at Goats and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed) and it became clear he’s a wonderful writer who shouldn’t be unfairly misjudged for his voice, and that I should get over it.

If OKJA is anything like the man himself, it’s likely to be intelligent, humorous, and slightly unhinged.



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