Recommendations in brief…June

Saw the rather dull My Cousin Rachel last night. It tries to be a kind of suspenseful mystery, but in the end you don’t care about the characters and the plot doesn’t have any twists and turns to keep you interested, so I suggest steering clear. It was also the first time I’d ever been the only one in a cinema screening, which was no bad thing, except I felt a bit sorry and wondered whether to tell the attendant to switch it off and maybe we should try again another night when more people were interested. As it was I didn’t. She looked used to it anyway.

Looking forward to seeing Baby Driver, Edgar Wright’s new film – check out this video from Every Frame a Painting to learn a bit more about what makes him to so good. Also OKJA, a Korean-American adventure co-written by Jon Ronson, who’s strange, whimsical voice I used to really dislike when hosting the odd This American Life episode, but has since grown on me hugely, mainly thanks to his fantastic comedy writing – including The Men Who Stare at Goats and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed – and his appearance on many favourite podcasts.


Recommendations in brief…April

Managed to catch Korean masterpiece The Handmaiden, a seductive, thrilling, beautiful film with about 30 plot twists and enough lesbian sex to keep anyone interested. It reminds me I must watch Old Boy, director Chan-wook Park’s previous film, which, looking at the trailer, looks very similar to The RaidThe Raid 2, two of the most incredible, epically charged, high-intensity kung-fu films I have ever seen. Not sure how a Welsh director got into all of that, but anyway.

S-Town, the podcast from the makers of This American Life and Serial deserved all its many plaudits this year. The poignant tale of one man and his struggles with life, his home and his country, all wrapped up in a story which gently evolves over time, in a home-made slow discovery sort of a way, ends up being about as relevant a tale of this period in American history as anything you’re likely to hear.




spiderdrawing2 is a pretty ridiculous website, but for some reason it manages to have me doubled up in laughter often whilst struggling to breathe. I’d recommend just having a trawl through and you’ll pretty quickly get the idea if it’s for you. Created by an Aussie called David Thorpe it’s basically a series of mini stories of his dealings with various colleagues, friends or neighbours. I must admit I don’t know how many of the stories are really true, but I don’t think it really matters.

See if you like it here:

(and some favourite articles: Simon’s Pie ChartsJustin’s FloodlightTimesheets; Free Burton Snowboard)


Here we go…

This is Recommendable, a place where I will be sharing things I like, that others might too.

These could be music, podcasts, tv programs, books, films, or just about anything I find, old or new.

A dissertation could probably be written on what’s so special and strange about giving and receiving recommendations. About how enjoyable they are to receive, and how scary they can be to give out. The conflict of revealing a rare or undiscovered song that you don’t want to tell anyone about because it’s your personal discovery, but conversely you want the whole world to hear.

The trepidation that comes with recommending something to someone: waiting to hear from them, and how elated you fell when they share your love for it or how disappointed you feel if they don’t. There’s nothing better than having a friend who can lead you on a road map through a topic you know nothing about and don’t know where to start.

These things are what makes recommendations so special and why I started yet another bloody blog.

Dec 30 2016